running far from this (rougevelvet) wrote in bowie_media,
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hey there!

not sure if anyone can help me, this place seems a little quite...I may whore it @ velvet_goldmine if ya want?

Anyhoo, I have the Reality tour DVD. (not the one with the CD, the actual DVD)

So I love the version of Loving the Alien

I was wondering if anyone can either rip it as an MP3 from their version of the DVD, or if they have it as a live track from somewhere else??

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If you want to whore it you can. :) we need members.I've been waiting til we have about 20 memebers to actually post something.

I love "Loving the Alien" and have been trying to get an mp3 version of it forever.I'm hoping that someone from one of the David Bowie communities can help.And if someone replies I'll send it to you.:)